How to run Great Beachbody Challenge Groups

  1. So what ARE Challenge Groups?

Challenge groups are where the MAGIC happens for your customers and your business. Challenge Groups are usually Facebook groups (or now through the challenge tracker app). They consist of a coach, who facilitates, and customers of that coach. A challenge group is a place for education, motivation, support and accountability. A challenge group becomes of community of people going through programs and working hard together. These groups are a safe place to share struggles and celebrate triumphs.

     2. Do I really need to run a challenge group?

YES.  Challenge groups are non negotiable if you want to run a successful business. It is also non negotiable if you want to really help people.

     3. When should I run Challenge Groups?

Every month!  As you get more comfortable and your business grows, you may be running more than one at a time, but NEVER compromise the quality of your group and your coaching.

     4. What program should I pick for the group?

This one is personal preference! We like to do mixed groups. This is a way to ensure we will have enough people for our group, but it also exposes the members to other programs they may not otherwise gotten familiar with. Occasionally we will run a special group that may have a specific focus or be for a specific program, but greenly ours are mixed. You need to figure out what works best for you and run with it!

     5. How Long Should my group be?

There is no hard and fast rule on this. We like to run our groups as 28 total days. We do one week of prep and then 3 weeks. Many of our challengers are doing the 21 day fix or fix extreme, but this is also a time frame that works really well so that we can do a new one every month without being overwhelmed. We also will roll current challengers into the next group if they are still working and want to stay in the group.

     6. Someone I invited doesn’t want to buy anything. Should I let them in?

This is completely up to you. We recommend helping everyone you can. For our groups we require that everyone be minimally using one of the consumables or a Beachbody program. We don’t require that the product was purchased through us, but they must be using Beachbody. This preserves the integrity of Beachbody. If someone doesn’t have a program, connect them with a 30 day FREE trial of Beachbody on demand to get them started.

There are coaches out there and other schools of though that you MUST purchase a challenge pack to be in a challenge group. Many of the coaches teaching that have such a high demand for their group that they need a way to limit numbers.

That being said, we absolutely encourage and try to get everyone to get a challenge pack because we know that a challenge pack is the best way to get results.

     7. What’s the first thing I should do when I add everyone to the group?

Set expectations. Let your customer know what to expect prior to the start of the group. We utilize a “prep” week that will further lay out expectations and get them “warmed” up and ready to run!

     8. What do I do? How do I keep my challengers engaged?

Lead by example! Play along and follow the expectations YOU set. You want to post every day. Utilize the Beachbody Challenge Guides and make them your own, or create your own posts. We utilize a point system to help keep our challengers engaged. Our posts are auto scheduled so they are there before anyone is up and online. You must be sure to comment and interact on posts and not just schedule them and not check back in. Interaction will keep the challengers excited, motivated and engaged. You will want to also privately message to follow up, give shoutouts and recognition, go live or share video messages, or you may want to offer a zoom call with participants.

     9. What do I do after the challenge group is over?

Follow up! Ask the members to share their results, encourage them to take their next step forward with you, and invite them to the coach opportunity.

Suggested Activity: Choose your next Challenge group. Let your coach know what kind of group you are going to run, will it be a program or mixed? How long will your group be? What is your start date?

Also, check out this super helpful template. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just DO IT! You can alter and edit this so it matches you and what you want to do as a coach in your challenge groups.

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